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We are proud of our culinary and beverage offerings, but it is our people who complete the circle with genuine enthusiasm, attention to detail, and top service without hesitation. Here are a few of the hard-working and dedicated members of Michelangelo's team who make it all possible!



With over 10 years of experience in this branch, Linnea Glas has been working in well-known restaurants both in Gothenburg and Stockholm. She is passionate about networking and will make sure you feel at home during your visit to Michelangelo.

With outstanding professional skills, Linnea has over the years proven to be efficient, enthusiastic and a strong leader to her staff.

When she's not working she appreciates family time and never misses a chance to travel around the world exploring new foods and wines.



Edi Velaj is a chef that possess a real passion for Italian food and believes that every meal should be an occasion. While going on a gastronomic trip to Greece he met the love of his life and moved to Sweden.

Very fast, Edi established himself as a respected chef and worked in famous trattorias around Stockholm.

His sensibility to taste results in mouth-watering dishes and attractive menus.

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